Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Shakespeare in the Parking Lot 09

Hamilton Clancy, Producing Artistic Director
Jane Guyer Managing Director
Shakespeare in the Parking Lot 09
Scenics: Rebecca Lord
Costumes: Lisa Renee Jordan
Sound: Chris Rummel
Graphics: Phillip Devita
Webmaster: Stephen Bittrich

Midsummer Night's DreamJuly9-July25
directed by Kathy Curtiss

assistant director: Jane Guyer
stage manager: Fayna Sanchez
assistant stage manager: Sarah Biesinger
Eileen Townsend, Koji Ohashi ,James Davies *,
Christine Dunn ,Hiroko Tanaka, William Apps,
Georgia Warner ,Jasper Soffer , Demetrius Kallas,
Ron Dreyer, Selene Beretta, Maria Niora ,
Amanda Dillard, Drew Valins ,Kelly Zekas, Halima Henderson
Jordan Feltner ,John K. Heath ,Adam K Fujita *, David Stadler
Aimee Whelan , Joann Sacco , Kyle T. Cheng

Measure for Measure
Directed by Hamilton Clancy
Mark Jeter* ,Don Carter* , David Sitler *, Nina Burns* , Ivory Aquino , Karla Hendrick*, Bill Green* , David Marantz*, Michael Gnat*, Colleen Cosgrove, Fayna Sanchez, Grant Heuke, Sergio Diaz

By: William Shakespeare
At: ludlow&broome
In: the municipal parking lotFrom: thurs-satAt: 8pm
Take: F train to delancey, I block south

chairs: first come first serve

parking available
meters in effect!

? call 212-877-0099



Blogger -Kimi said...

Hey you guys... I've been thinking about you lately... I'm in Australia now. :D

and here's the reason why I've been thinkin about you...

I havn't been this active in the community and the arts in a looong time.. feels good to be back.. :D Hope all is well. I am proud to have worked with you. :D
-Kimberly Hall

6:58 AM  

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