Saturday, February 19, 2005

TDC Workout February 19th The Report

The DrillingCompany Workout
February 19th, 2005

The Workout was attended by 18 artists among whom were Scott Baker, Gabrielle Forester, James Mc Minnamon, Victoria Trolongo, Chris Smith, Jim Tully, Katie Hawley, Phil Douglas, Robin Rice Lichtig, Nancy Saklad, Colleen Cosgrove, Tom Demenkof, Hamilton Clancy, David Douglas, Doug, Rebecca Darke, and Bill Green.

The crowded stage on the 3rd floor of 78th Street Theatre Lab was kicked off
by this week's leader, Tom Demenkoff. Nancy Saklad led a terrific Feldenkreiss workout for voice. She was followed by a series of Workout Exercises - three-line, single word, no words and others. The theme for this workour was UNCLE and the grab bag features some very memorable moments.

An uncle from Florida in sungalsses who taught someone's sister how to misbehave...
an uncle with loud expressions who spent to much, especially on hair oil for little girls to grow their uncle who gave his niece an orange cape she could never wear, an uncle who taught his future boxing nephew what boxing was all about with one punch, an uncle who taught his nephew all about racism in a single gesture, a little boy who just said, "it's 2:30,, an uncle who taught his nephews that being gay was okay, an uncle who made his nieces and nephews laugh when no one else woulf, an uncle who whispered, when he loses his confidence he starts to lose" during Rocky 4 and left a message that would last a long time, an uncle with a stutter who taught his nephew that you live for a long time just before you think you're going to die - that in Las Vegas th-th-they s-ss-leep during and at night we ROOLLL, an uncle who plays video games with his nephews just his uncle played the same games with him, an uncle who gave his nephew the stright story about the story of his life, a competitive uncle who collected knives for his nephews, an uncle in a Naval uniform who had to sleep where he would have preferred not,
uncle Boris who changed his name to Bob, and uncle whose flask and a pack of cigarettes wound up in a very symbolic place, and an uncle Ed who said his name in a gruff voice.

it was an amazingly wonderful afternoon. The images that rolled out all afternoon were enough to fill a poet's notebook for years. It was an extraordinary afternoon for all.


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