Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Karma Cookie is on its Way

Press Contact: Billie Davis / 212-414-7717/

78th Street Theatre Lab and TheDrillingCompaNY
present a workshop of P. Seth Bauer's
The Karma Cookie

Is that fortune cookie a message? Does the Dalai Lama know why the chicken crossed the road? Two brothers attempt to follow the 'laws of the universe' in P.Seth Bauer's charming new absurdist comedy, THE KARMA COOKIE . Directed by Eric Nightengale and co-produced by 78th Street Theatre Lab and TheDrillingCompaNY at 78th Street Theatre Lab , where the play will be workshopped
September 29th-October 8th.

Originally a short play penned for TheDrillingCompaNY's PAPER project, the play follows the exploits of Alistair and Barry. Their hilarious romp leads them from crypts in Westminister Abbey across the world through the maternity ward and back out again and their guides include a yellow kite and a choo-choo train. The workshop brings together two award winning companies that have been long associates, TheDrillingCompaNY, known best for its unique themed projects and 78th Street Theatre Lab, known for its history of developing new work and consistently recognized for excellence in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival .

Playwright P.Seth Bauer is nominated this year for New York Innovative Theatre's Outstanding Original Short Play for FIRST TIME OUT OF BOUNDS which was first penned for TheDrillingCompaNY's HONOR. In addition to THE KARMA COOKIE, Bauer's work includes IPHIGENIA, THE BURGLAR OF SUBURBIA, EARLY IN THE MOURNING and THE TIP . He is well known as a frequent contributor to the A Train Plays In New York his work has been presented by The New Group, Epic Theatre Center, The Lark, WorkShop Theatre Company, and Hypothetical Theatre among many others..

Director Eric Nightengale has been recognized with Edinburgh's Fringe First Award on several occasions (THE MAN IN THE FLYING LAWN CHAIR, David Mamet's THE WATER ENGINE, Paul Almman's WHAT IS THE FREQUENCY). The workshop features Hamilton Clancy, founder and artistic director of TheDrillingCompaNY and Phillip Douglas, an original DrillingCompaNY member.
Clancy has originated work by such notable authors as Will Eno, Brian Dykstra, and most recently, Neil Olson. . Phillip Douglas originated the role of Barry and has appeared in new work throughout the regions and NY, notably featured in both THE WATER ENGINE and WHAT IS THE FREQUENCY with Nightengale and 78th Street at the Edinburgh Fringe.
THE KARMA COOKIE will be workshopped at the 78th Street Theatre Lab, located at 236 West 78th Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam) from September 29th through October 8th. Show times are Thursday-Saturday at 8pm. Tickets: $10.00. Reservations: 212-414-7717..

The Karma Cookie
By P.Seth Bauer
Directed by Eric Nightengale
Produced by 78th Street Theatre Lab and The DrillingCompaNY

Two working class British brothers go on a comic search for meaning
and destiny, following signs from a fortune cookie to a yellow kite.
85 minutes.

Eric Nightengale

Hamilton Clancy and Phillip Douglas

78th Street Theatre Lab
236 West 78th Street (btw. Broadway and Amsterdam)

September 29th-October 6th
Thursday-Saturday at 8pm


1 block south of the 1/9 at 79th Street


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