Saturday, May 24, 2008


What makes a company?
Waht is the best way to selcet actors for a project?
I there a better way to proceed than the traditional method we are acquainted
with - audition - callback-cast or not cast?
I describe it this way.
Company is like a tribe.
Its activities are sacred - to the tribe.
Guests may come or go, but the experience of the guest and the tribe with the guest is based on the sensitivity of the guest to the traditions and honor of the tribe.
If you begin to understand the tribe , the primitive association of native americans , as the core
model for the theatre companies, one begins to understand how each tribe is careful to vet new members.
One also understands the motivation of the new warriors to begin tribes of their own?

Shakespeare in the PArking Lot is almost cast and rehearsall are almost underway.
Twelfth Night a la new rock and Henry the Fifth in modern dress.
Simple and straight.
July 3- July 19
at 8 pm at Ludlow and Broome
Shakespeare in the PArking Lot - the fifteeneth season!


Blogger annulla said...

I've never attended a "Parking Lot" performance but hope to get to one this summer." Any advice for a first-timer?

Blather From Brooklyn

6:37 AM  

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