Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Great Director and Colleague Has Passed : Richard Harden

Dear All,

It is with immense sadness that I share the news Richard Harden -
Off-Broadway director, teacher/ theatrician, theatrical innovator and longtime
Drilling Company
collaborator for over ten years - has passed away.

It was some time Thursday evening September 15, 2011.

While Richard had been battling illness for sometime his passing still comes as a shock to many of us -
Richard lived with the kind of committment, integrity, and determination, it made you think
this was another challenge he would find a way through,
the way he had with so many plays and casts and opening nights before.

Richard directed work for many Drilling Company projects as many of you know as you were members of casts. Richard was responsible for introducing me to many of the finest young theatre artists
we have had the pleasure of working with in the Drilling Company: Alessandro Colla,
Brandon Reilly, Keith Fasciani among many others. Richard was always interested
in the piece with the most challenges, even while knowing directing a traditional
play would be the most comfortable.

His wit and wisdom will be missed. Richard was a tremendous theatre storyteller.
He had so much experience in the theatre
in all areas with all levels of professionals , from some of the finest writers
to some of the newest, his stories always brimmed with the enthusiasm.

Richard was a sensible progressive. He was ferociously liberal but knew
that weighing all sides of an issue was vital. He embraced a great political debate
like a great play or a great meal.

Richard was also a gifted photographer as any who visited his home would know.
He had great visual taste and an eye for balance,
which was ironic since he spent a good part of his life with
leg crippled from childhood polio. After knowing him for ten minutes you quickly forgot he was challenged in any way. He refused pity at all times in any form it was offered.

At The Drilling Company before a show we took a moment to tip our hat to Richard .
If you're in a theatre somewhere , rehearsing or performing,
or even in a classroom leading future actors to new discoveries as a
teacher, take a moment to tip your hat to the
memory of this wonderful director.

We'll plan a memorial in the coming weeks at

The Drilling Company to remember his tremendous
gifts and wonderful contribution to the theatre.

"Joe " Hamilton Clancy


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