Monday, December 31, 2012


This  year  I  was  hit  by  the  tragedy in Newtown in an unexpected  way that brought  home  how  we're  all  connected  to  all of  these  events  and  produced  the  reflection  below.

Here's a new  year  of  courage.

Joe Hamilton Clancy

Daniel                                                                                                       for Mark and Jackie



Daniel was my cousin

                                   Second once removed,

                                                                          Third cousin of my son,

Son of my second cousin,

                                               Who was son of my father’s first cousin,

Who was the son of my father’s uncle……

Daniel was a boy

I never knew

Some particles of me

Were arranged

As his

Perhaps freckles or failing sight

Daniel slept in the Lion’s den

Daniel was brave

Daniel is sleeping now

We are cousins of cousins of cousins

His all was stolen before it was

We are left

To be brave


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