Friday, January 01, 2016

The President Test

I stand well  corrected.

Donald Trump is  far  from  honest. But  honest  or  not, you  could not  say  he  wasn't  purposeful.
Serving  his  own  perhaps,  but  nonetheless - direct  and  purposeful. he and  his  now  counterparts now  running  for  President  of  the United  States  do  truly  deserve a  country  of  their  own.  If you  wince  every  time   you  watch  a  Republican  debate  and  find  yourself arguing   with the television set, you know it's true. And  if  you're  tired  of  reading   the  'fact-check' after  every  debate   you  know  the  time   has  come  for  another  important  change.

We  know that  people  who  don't  know the  definition  of  'Carpet bombing'  but  are  bidding  to be  the  Supreme  Commander  of   one  of the  largest   military  forces  on  the planet  have  clearly  not  passed the  Presidential SAT  course.

Like Un-Christian America, The Presidential  SAT, or President  Test, is a new  movement.

Anyone  running  for  President would have to take and pass  a test  to  be  considered  for  the  top  office.  You  simply  couldn't  run  if  you  didn't pass  the  test. You can't be a  doctor , or  lawyer,  or  licensed  plumber  if  you  don't  pass  a  test. Why  shuldn't  we  have  one  for  being  President  of  the  United  States.

Now, as I write I know a  couple  of  big  test -writing  companies in  Texas  are  starting   to   rub  their  hands  together   at  the  prospect  of  creating  the  test. Seems  like a  bad  idea  to  farm  it  out   right  away to  these  Texas  companies  but  I'm  sure  eventually  they  will seem the  most  reasonable and  appropriate option, just  as  they  are   currently  writing   tests  that  are  administered  throughout  many  Common Core curriculums in  the US.

Now , of  course  you would  have  to  pay a nominal  fee  to  take  the  test,  and  at  first you would  have  to be 35  or   older to  take  it  and  a US  citizen.  We  could  throw  in a  a  great  grab  bag  of  political terms,  some  morality essays (let's  start by  defining 'politically  correct' as  the  use  of  non-offensive  language rther  than  turning  th term into offensive  language). Certainly a  multiple  choice  about  carpet  bombing  would  be a definite  requirement  of  the  test.

Based on some  of  the  debate  performances  the   test  would  be a  terrific  preparation  for  some  of  the  Republican  candidates   since  many seem  to  believe  the  Presidency  is  actually  a  dictatorship.  This  seems  odd  since   many  of  the  candidates  have  served  themselves in  the  Senate  or  state  government. Of  course,  the  biggest  proponent  of  the  dictatorship  mentality  have  been  the  'The Outsiders" of  Fiorina, Trump and Carson. (Surprisingly  no one  has  heard  that  IS  the  name  of  a  new  series  on  the  Fox  Channel  about three  candidates  who  try  to  change  the  world. It's  kind  of  a political  three stooges  series  where  three  people  who  have   absolutely  no  experience in  governing a country leverage  their big  business prowess and  wealth  to  lead a middle  class  nation  into  the  abyss).

The  Presidency Test  is  already  receiving  attention  from  top-flight  universities  across  the  political  spectrum  who  volunteer  to  teach  it  across  disciplines  of  study.  Anyone  could  enroll in  the   course. We  could  even  offer  it  online  for  free.  In  time,  the  Presidency  test  could  be a  requirement  for   fulfilling  certain  jobs, like  newscaster,  so  the  people  reporting  on  our  political  circumstances  actually  knew  and  understood  the  system  they  were  talking  about.

At  the  very  least  a  Presidency  Test  could  be  regularly  updated  so  candidates  like  Mr. Carson  wouldn't  have  to  hire  separate  advisors  to help  him 'bone-up' on  history  and  politics   before  an election. It's a little  scary  to  suggest  that  a   doctor  or  nurse  might  be  'boning  up' on  heart  surgery   before they opened  you  and  took  out   your guts. W e think  of  that  as  requiring  a  couple  of  filters  of  expertise   before  you  can  step  up  for  the  job.  Let's  make  the  Presidency -  since she or  he  will  be  literally  a  phone  call  away  from  unleashing  a  nuclear  attack  that  could destroy  the  world  as  we  know  it  -  let's  just   forget about  building  a wall  between  here  and  Mexico  and  build  one  between  the  Presidency and  stupidity.

One  of  the  chief Presidency  Test  developers  said  eloquently, "It's  going  to  be a  big  wall, it's  going  to  be  beautiful, and we  can  assure  you,  Donald Trump  will have  nothing  to  do  with  building  it - he and his  fellow leading Republican candidates  for  President in 2016  have  only  inspired  it ."

It seems Un-Christian America is catching on.  The  race  for  leader  of  the  new  country
is  going  to  be  thrilling.

Many  have  asked, in  the face  of  the current  worldwide  refugee crisis, would  we not  be  creating
a new  crisis in states like  California and New York: moderates currently  trapped in states  like Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina  and  Maine, would  migrate earnestly to move from  the  new UCA.  It's  an  understandable  concern.  The  Canadian government is  already  preparing  to  handle  how  they  will  handle a  similar  refugees-from-America  crisis should  any  of the front   runners  for  the  Republican Party  actually  make it  into  office. We  can learn  from  them.


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