Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Here Comes The Radical Moron Party

President Obama caused a national stir  today  when  he put  into  action  a  plan  that  might  limit gun  access  at  gun  shows.

There  was a  good  deal  of  confusion  among  conservatives who lined  up  to bash  this  action  as if  President Obama was  crazy,  rather  than   the  leader  we are  fortunate  to  have.

Apparently  it  seems  unreasonable that  Mr. Obama  does not agree  with them.  It's a  radical day: Barack Obama disagreed  with  some  conservatives  and  had  the  audacity  to  actually  do something  about  it.

Today I felt moved  to  write  because of a Republican in California who  had  the  wisdom  to  offer  this: "I  would  like  to  actually  see  him  try  to  work  with  Congress."

Now  either  the  person  who  said  this  has  been  living  in a  sealed  compartment  for  the  last  seven  years  receiving  no  news  whatsoever  or   is  he   is a  new brand  of  Republican
best   described  as Radical Moron.

The  Radical Moron Party, an  extension  of  the  GOP, makes it  a  practice  to  say  things  to  the media  that were reasonable proposals, but  completely ignorant of the juggernaut  of  opposition President Obama has faced no matter  what  proposal  he has  made. Newsflash for  the  morons: he differs  ideologically with  you.

Rather  than  actually  offering  some  relevant  counter  argument  for  their  own  position,  radical Morons  always  attack  the  man  and  so the only  way to  have a  debate with  them  is  to  attack them  as well since it is the  only conversation they are  interested in having

Of  course  Barack Obama  WOULD  RATHER   work  with   Congress,  but  since  Congress  is  controlled  by  Republicans  and  Republicans  have  demonstrated  absolutely  no  willingness  to   even  consider   investigating  whether  gun control in  some  form  would  be  productive, the  blanket  opposition  to  any  form  of   gun  control  means  you  are  more  likely  to  get  Carly  Fiorina to have a tea-party  with Hillary  Clinton  than  anyone  in  Congress  will  ever  consider  anything  related  to  gun  control no matter  how  many  children and  citizens  die  at  the  hands  of  gun  violence  in  this  country.

Absolutely no  quantity of  deaths will  ever  change  the mind of  these  Republicans.

Radical Morons  are  interested in   numbing  the  public  ear. Radical Morons  will  say  anything and  not  stop  shouting  until  everyone  gets  tired  and  does  nothing. Radical Morons  refuse  to  acknowledge  there is  a  sizable  portion  of  our   country  who  do  no  agree  with  them.

In  the  face of  this  opposition , Obama  would  have  to  be  a  weak kneed, lily  livered  coward  to  not  take  some  action  against  these  people  (and  by  these  people  I  do  mean  people  who  are  uniformly  against  gun  control and  any  conversation about  it).

So his  action  was  logical and  expected because  he  has a  difference of  opinion.

To  criticize  him  for  taking  action is  identical to  criticizing  him  for   having  a  different  opinion. If  you  have an opposing  opinion  for  God's  sake  voice it but  please  do  us  all  a  favor
and  don't  pretend   you  think  he  actually  had  any  other  choice other  than  do nothing.
We all know he  had only  two  choices:  do  something or  do nothing because  Republicans  said  we  don't  want  to  consider no matter  how many  kids  die.

He  is  the  elected  President  of  the United  States  and  for  those  of  us who  are  happy  to  have  voted  for  him  twice  we   whole heartedly reject  the  Radical Moron position of . "I  think  he  should  work  with  Congress."

Obviously  he  has  tried that  route.

What's  more  remarkable  is  that  all of the  Republican  candidates  for  President  would  rather  stand  by  the  side  of  gun  owners  than   stand up  with  some  courage  and  take on  the  organization  of  the  National Rifle Association.

No,  the President's  action is just  that. It's an  action  and  anyone who  doesn't stand behind him makes clear  he or she is casting themselves as an opponent of defending innocent men, women  and  children who  have been  slaughtered in  cold blood. Here's an idea for the Radical Moron party: I'm  glad you  have a  gun and I  hope  you  have  it   with you  ready  to  shoot  when  the   day  comes  that    gun  is  pointed  at   you  and  a  shooter  has  pulled  the  trigger .  And  I  hope  that  you are  there  with  you're   gun   the  minute   your  child   or  husband   or  wife  or  mother   or  best  friend  is  in  the  room  and  that  happens ,  because I  hope  you  can  be a  super   hero  and  take  the  bad  guys    down  with  your   gun.  But just  in case  that  moment  comes   and  you're  not  there, there  are likely many  who  are  grateful  someone  has  the  courage  to  stand  up  and  say  that  something  has  to  be  done  to  control  the  sale  of  firearms  in  our  country  to  people   who  shouldn't  be  able  to  buy  them.

And   to  be  absolutely  clear: if  you  are  in  favor  of  no  gun control  at  all,
I believe the  President disagrees.


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