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The No-Child-Without-A-Gun Policy

It's  an incredible couple of  days with  the  governor of  Texas, Greg  Abbott,  and  Donald  Trump vying  for top  dog   of  breaking  news. All  very  positive  for  the movement  to  found a new country   completely  devoted to  Republican  priorities and agenda.

First  we'll  start  with  Texas. The  governor  there  -  without  reading  my  post  I  sure -  he  came up  with a  brilliant idea: states  shouldn't  have  to  obey  the  Supreme Court  if  they don't like  the  laws  that rule  are  constitutional. Incredibly  progressive.

There  are   so many  ways  this  could  be  helpful  to   the  Supreme  Court further  the movement of  founding a  completely  new country  for  people  who  believe  in  things  like  'no abortions',  every body  gets  a  gun,  no  refugee and   bomb  them   till  the  sand  turns  red.  As an incentive  in  the  movement  some  are   even  bidding  that   the  new  country   could  be  called  the old  country  just  as  long  as  they all leave  us alone.  Fans  of  Mr. Abbott and Mr.  Trump  need their  own  constitution, it 's  clear, and  the  Texas governor  is  absolutely  right  to  petition  the  rest of  America  for  permission  to  opt  out. We  could  begin  opting  out   of  supporting  Texas  with federal  dollars  altogether  and  it    would  save  us  a  bundle  which  we  could  use  to  pay  off some   that  annoying   debt  our  Republican  brothers  and sisters  are  always  talking   about.

The  list  of  good  ideas that  have been  held  up  because  of Supreme  Court decisions goes  all  the way  back  to  slavery.  There 's  a  hint  that  they  could bring  that  back  to  in  Texas  if  they  get   rid  of   the  pesky  Supreme  Court  rulings.  Governor Abbott   was  conciliatory  in  observing  that he  was  fine  with  being  guided  by  unanimous  Supreme  Court  decisions.  There's  more of  those than  you  think.  He's  really  reaching   for  middle  ground.

With a post  like that Mr.  Trump  felt  undone  slightly so he  went  into  the  kitchen  to  prepare something   really special  for  America: announcing  if elected  President   he  would   eliminate gun-free  zones  surrounding  schools.

Good  news  is  we're  also  going  to  do  away  with  those  pesky  sensors  that  keep  teenagers from  bringing   guns to school.  NRA  has  stepped  up  to  the  plate and  is  willing   to  put   some semi-automatics   on  sale  now  AT  A  DISCOUNT   for  TEACHERS. Trump  feels, and  several Republican  candidates  agree  although  not  on  record  yet, if  you  put  a  gun  in  the  hands  of  a teacher  you're   going  to  see  a  better  response  from  kids.

Several  teachers  reacted  joyously  especially  because  they  were   going  to  be  able  to  include some  weapons  training  in  their  regular   teacher  training  hours  so  they  could  actually  hit  the students   who  were  being  a  nuisance. Mr. Trump  offered, "You  don't  have  to  hit  them  in  the head  or  the  chest,  a shot  to  the  floor  by  their  shoes. That'll wake'em up and  shut  'em  up!" Trump predicted  instant  improvement  in  test   scores  and  homework  return. Trump chimed  in, "If  you know  the  next  morning  you'll be   shot  in  the  foot  if  you don't do your homework , you're  gonna   buckle  down. I think we'll see  immediate  results. It's gonna  be  great . Really, really great."

Not  surprisingly  some  advocates   for  gun  control  have pushed  back  against  No-Child-Without-A-Gun policy, claiming  an increased  likelihood  of   violent   acts. Trump added, "Yes,  there will be some  unfortunate  casualties ,  but   what's  most  likely  is  we're  gonna  get rid  of alotta bad apples and  that's  a  good  thing.  We'll  decrease  overcrowding in schools  I  can  promise  that 100%  and
anyone who  comes into a  school  with a  gun and  things  they're  going  to  do  some  damage  is  in for a  very   rude  awakening.  Things will  get  better, very fast, you'll see.  I've  got  top  people working on this, it's  gonna be  great."

Apparently  the  Texas  governor , Greg  Abbott. is  just  one  of  those  top  people.  With  his  , Let' s Skip  Supreme Court  Rulings  If  We  Don't  Like  Them  plan he's  caught  Mr.  Trump's  attention
as a potential  Vice-Presidential  running  mate. Trump said, "I like  the  way  he  thinks. He's a  smart guy, like me."  Said  the Governor Abbott, "It's not  that  we  dislike   ALL Supreme Court  rulings. There  are  many  that we're  just   fine  with.  But  we  happen  to  disagree  with a  few.  The  people of  the  sate  of  Texas don't  want  them. We  have  spent millions  and millions and millions  of  tax payer  dollars  coming  up  with  phony  bills  and  plans  to  try  and legislate  around  Supreme Court decisions  on abortion. It  would  be simpler  if  we  could  just   ignore  them  outright.  The money we  save could be  dedicated  to  opening   some   Women's Health  Care  Clinics  that   provide health services  to  women  in  keeping   with  the  Bible."

Governor  Abbott coincidentally came out with his plan to have a conference  of states to  amend  the Constitution  at  the exact  same  time   some  Oregon  ranchers  had  decided to  take  over  a federal building   because  a court  case  had  been  decided  against,  they  didn't   agree  with  the  ruling and were  not   going  to  go  peaceably.  Again more  people  bidding to  leave  America.  These gentlemen,  by  all  reports, were   very  nice   guys, with  high  powered  ammunition  they apparently made  clear  they  would  only  use  if  someone  tried  to  tell  them  what  to do.

A  fine  example  of  where  we're  headed.


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