Thursday, March 03, 2016

UCA Update: Where is Lincoln when you need them?

We're  coming  to  you  with an update on  how  our   signature  concept, UCA  is  proceeding.

We're  not  getting  any  traction yet. We haven't  had any viewers  per  se  and   we  don't  have  any  real  followers.  We  thought  this  might be the time  to  abandon  the  idea  and  then  we  caught a  glimpse  of  Marco  Rubio,  cheering  his  campaign on  after  coming  in  third. Claiming  victory  after  winning  Minnesota. His speeches  after  failing  were  an  inspiration.

So we  return. We're confident that once Mr. Drumpf (see: John Oliver)  gets  word  of the UCA plan to  divide the country he'll  begin to wield it.

Currently there are  new issues  on  the  horizon  that   make  clear  the  truth  that  few people  are  willing to discuss: The  American people  do not agree.

We are not an agreeable  country and  the  truth is  we  haven't   ever  really and  truly  agreed  for  any   very  long  periods  of  time. As  you  study  American  history  you  see  that  whatever   agreements  have  been  made and   used as a  fulcrum  for  change   have   frequently  been  seen in  hindsight  with  regret. The system is fundamentally  broken  because  people  who live in the  society  have  resigned  themselves to eternal war and  nowhere is  this more  fundamentally  clear  than on  the issue  of  abortion. Some  history is  valuable:

Abortions  have been  taking  place  for as  long  as  human beings  have  been afraid  of  having   children  for  various  reasons.  No  religious  position  of  movement  has  ever  successfully  stopped all  women  from  having  abortions in the  history  of  human  beings.

I am always  trying  to  understand  what  the  other  side  is  really  proposing.
Near  as I  can  tell the  Republican  right  has  not  started  a movement  against  procreation or  sexual intercourse, although  that's  debatable.

Near  as I can tell from the  current  Republican Party, in their  view in  the  future UCA, pregnancies will not  come  from  unwanted  sexual intercourse and  pregnancies  that  do  come  from   desired  intercourse  will  result  in  growing   families and there  will be  jobs  and  circumstances  for  the   individuals  responsible  for the sex. Sex is good. Sex only happens  in marriage. It's purpose  is  joy and  procreation and  any  deviation  from  that will have  consequences.

We're  proposing a new  system  where ONLY women  of  child  bearing  age   have a  vote  on abortion  laws.

But on the  day  of this last  Republican  debate the  question  burning  in my  mind  for   candidates  to  respond to is  how  do  you  intend  to  reach  out  to  those  who  don't  agree  with  you?  How  do  you  propose we  build  bridges  between  these  different  constituencies.

We  think  someone  should  propose  the  UCA to  one  of  the  cnadidates  and see  how  they  react. See if  someone  can  say  something  Abraham Lincoln  like  right  now . Because  we  really  need   somone  like  Abraham Lincoln  right  now  and   it  doesn't  look like  they're  around.


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