Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Real Villains

Republican Congress Creeps Away with Murder

Tonight  is  the  third  and final Presidential  Debate  of  the  2016 race.

We'll likely hear a  good deal of salacious accusations back and forth. It's  clear one campaign  is  gearing up to throw everything but the kitchen sink  at  the  other .

Makes  for  really tremendous  theatre, and  when  you  make  theatre  it's  hard to ignore  when  the  reality around  you has become a  Shakespearean  play unto itself.

Tonight: Act 3.

We  will hear the word 'change' again  from  the  Trump  campaign  and  they  will  claim  the  title  of  'change  candidate'  with  great  gusto  and  pride.

But  who is  the change  candidate? Who  is  most  responsible   for  what  some  are  calling  a  slow  recovery?

Why  has  nothing  been  done  to alleviate  the  suffering  of  middle  class  families  in  the  mid-west  and  Rust  Belt  states? Why do  we  have  an immigration mess on our  hands? Voting  rights  attacked? The  simple  answer  to all of  the  above is the  current  Republican led Congress  which has  been  arguably  the  most  destructive and  least functional  Congress  in  the  history of  the United  States.

In a normal election  season they  would  be  taking a  beating  -  but  as  everyone  has  said  a  thousand  times -  these  are  not  normal.

Democrats  are  running  against Trump's insanity instead  of the stonewalling of the  Republicans Congress.  He  is  such  a  nightmare  it  seems obvious Republicans have underserved the country with his  nomination.

But I  suggest  he  is  exactly  what  the  Republican  Party  wants  and  needs: a  giant  distraction.

The  real  villains  are  sneaking  out  the  back  door.   They  may  even  be  able  to  keep  their  jobs.
There  is a narrative  going  around on  the  political  talk shows  that  "Trump is  dragging   down  the  ticket."  That  would  seem to be an impossibility  given  the  record  of  ineffectiveness  that  the  House  Republicans  have  clearly  engineered.   Their  real  constituents  are  Bi-Pharma, Big Banks, Big Oil, Big  Gun, Big Arms Race and Organized Religion. All of  those  BIG  guys  are  getting  away  with  the  Congress  because  they  are  not  being  called to account   for  supporting  Republican policies of intransigence.

It  seems  almost  impossible  to  begin a  conversation  about   how  dedicated  and  single minded   the  Republican  Congress  has been. No one  is  speaking  about  the   huge  role  they  have  played  in  slowing  many of the positive initiatives Mr.Obama has proposed during  his Presidency. They  should ideally be applauded for how effectively they have shut down  the    real positive  progress of our country. They are the real villains  of  this campaign season and  while  everyone goes on about  Trump  they  are creeping  toward  election day with out their record  of  intransigence  being brought before the American people for judgement.

Trumps look to maintain most  of  their  proposed  policies  if  not  make  them  worse.  The  only  change  he  is  advocating   is   change  to make  America lousy again. He  is  100% in favor  most  of  the  reasons  they  have  been  completely  intransigent, and  has  gone  on  record  as  being  for  policies  like  eliminating  Roe  vs. Wade, eliminating  Obamacare, not  pursuing  background  checks on  gun  owners ,  forced  deportations  of  millions  and  millions  of   immigrants.

This  isn't  change: it's status  quo  from  Republicans, which means  going  back to  the  dark ages  of  women  having  abortions  with  coat  hangers. If you want to get real,  get  real. That's  wha  the  Republicans  like Pence  are  all about.  Gay men and  women  not  being  allowed to marry.

The  only  candidate  brave  enough  to  talk  fighting  for real  changes  that  effect  people  is  Hillary  Clinton.

Here's  hoping  he  pulls  out:  "what  have  you  been  doing   for  the  last   thirty  years   in  Congress"  and  she  explains : working  with  the  same  Republicans  who  elected  you.
Here's  hoping   she has  a list  of  their  addresses   handy  when  he  complains  about  the last  thirty  years   when  she's  been  trying  to   work for  things   like  universal  health  care. He  should  start  letting  them know  he  cares.


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