Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Gift by Lewis Hyde, now celebrating it's 25th year of publication is a good start in hte discussion t oanswer this question. Or at least begin to wrestle with its many complicated challenges. This question is the white elephant in the room of every artist in America. Every artist in America must profess some indifference to this idea or a stubborn determination to "have it all". Of course, there are risks and costs. The question is, do the risks implied by such a challenge and meted out by many artists before me, improve the quality of the artistic investigation and inquiry, do they fire the passion of the art, force the artis into a cahmber of his/her own deliberation from which only the artist and ther partners may emerge , with scars and stories - and sometimes the offspringfg of the artis ts emerge to tell the tales of the households in which they are raised - now one of the fetished of reality TV is to go inside the home of famous artists and see how they negotiate the banal complications of family life. It's literally a specatator sport - but is it Roman spectator sport - are we watching to see humna beings crushed a and emotionally flayed.

At any rate the gGift is a sound beginning in addressing how and why this question is not in more seminars.