Thursday, December 10, 2015

Un-Christian America, and Thanking Donald Trump

When the  theatre  of  the  real world  is Trumping  the  theatre  in  your  world  it's  time  to  have a  talk  about  what's  going  on  out  there.

There has  been outrage  as  Mr.  Trump's remarks have  hit  the  air waves  daily. He  seems  extreme, but  one  thing  you  could  not  call Mr. Trump is  dishonest. He  is  certainly  as  far  from  covert  as anyone has seen in  politics  in a long  time. We  should  be  grateful  for  his  honesty and  clarity  and with approving poll  results coming in,  it  seems  certain that  now  is  the  time  for  an  even  more  progressive  proposal.

Un-Christian America. UCA.

It  seems now two  countries are  needed - and Americans  need  to  seriously  start  talking  about  a separation  or  divorce.. This  should  be  amicable  and  there's no need  for  anyone  to  take  up guns  or  any other  ammunition.

Mr. Trump is  right  and  so is  Mr. Cruz. We need a  new country.

A couple of  the  states are  already  forging  the  ground  for Un-Christian  America and  we  should  set  the  stage  so  they can go ahead. Separate congress. Separate judiciary.

In Un-Christian America, women  would  never be allowed to have abortions,  women in  the workplace  would  be  paid  less than  their  male  counterparts  and  that  would  be  okay. Obviously, no  Muslims  will be  allowed in UCA. At  least  not  until "we have  this  thing  figured out." (Someone  really  should  give Mr. Trump an award  for  proposing  that  timeline: "Until we have  this  thing  figured  out" sounds  like  a  line  from Waiting  for  Godot.  Samuel  Beckett and  Donald  Trump in  the  same  sentence.Genius and he  knows  it.)

In  Un-Christian America you  would  have  to  jump  through hoops  to  prove  you were  eligible  to vote, there  would  be  capital punishment,  there would be no mention of global  warming  in  any  text  books, everyone  would  learn the story of creation  from  the  Bible  - evolution would be a science elective.

Without  the  global warming  silliness  we  could  get  on with some  plain  old  industry
and  entrepreneurship. The  EPA?  Doesn't  exist in  Un-Christian America.

We  could  rely on UCA to  regularly  risk  the  lives  of  its  young  citizens  to  pulverize  bad  guys  into  submission. Based on  how  some  of  the  other  countries  in  the  world  react  to  some  of  these policy proposals, UCA might not  be  welcome into  the  UN  right  away  but I  have  feeling  they wouldn't be too disappointed  about  that.

There  would  definitely  be  work in  Un-Christian  America  because  they  would  begin  immediate  work  on a wall  around the country. They'll  need  people  to  build that wall and  guard that wall. It's  going  to be a  great wall. China  did it.  UCA will do it better.

Every school in Un-Christian America  will  start  everyday  with a prayer  in  every  grade.
This, naturally,  will  result  in a  tremendous  reduction  in  promiscuity.  In UCA, young  men and  women will get married  earlier,  women  will have  more babies  and  not  get  dragged  down  with professional  lives of  their  own.  This means less competition in job markets for men -  which  is a  big  plus  because  the  job  market  is  getting   really  crowded  without gender  discrimination.

Speaking  of  discrimination, in  Un-Christian America certain  kinds  of  discrimination are just   going  to  be  totally  cool - not   hiring  someone  because  they're  gay.  Fine.  Not  selling  a  house  to  someone  because of  their  skin  color. Okay, no worries. Certainly  people  who  identify  as  gay  or  transgender  won't be  allowed to marry. No  adopting  kids or  any of  that  confusing  stuff.
Imagine  living  in a  world  where  almost  all  discrimination  is  completely  legal.  You  have  to  admit  there were  some things  we  had   right  earlier  on  in America  and  the  UCA  is  bringing  them  back!! Everyone  on  our  current  Supreme Court  just  breathed  a huge  sigh  of  relief.  Talk  about  lightening  their  caseload! Six very grateful  justices  right  there. Ruth  Bader  Ginsburg  could  retire   for  God's  sake!!

Best  of  all, in  Un-Christian  America you'll  be  safe  because  EVERYONE  will have a  gun.  From  the  age  of 6 on up. It  will  come  with  your  Social Security card. Safety  will be  taught  in  schools, just  like  math.  You  get  pellets until your twelve, bullets when your thirteen.  Some  folks, of  course,  will have  more  than  one firearm but the only folks  required  to register  weapons  will be those with over  20  firearms. How's  that  for  self defense!! In a  great  way,  this  makes  the  gun  lobby  extremely happy, huge increase in  sales!

And  no  universal health care - another tremendous boon.  Republicans  have  been  bragging about  having  a  better plan  than Obamacare, now  they  could  put it into  place! Or  have  no  health plan  at  all and  let  hospitals,  insurance  companies, doctors ,  patients  and  the  legal system  just  work it  all  out in the  free market.

Freedom  will be  the  watch word  of  UCA. They'll be  exporting  real  freedom, all over  the  world, all  the  time.

Now it's a little  controversial  calling  the utopia above, Un-Christian America.

But let's  take the right tip from Mr. Trump.  Let's  applaud him for his honesty and bluntness like  the guy in a 12 step meeting who says what he's feeling that alot of  others secretly feel.   Let's  stop pretending what  passes for the Christian religion  in America has anything to do with  actually being Christian and  much  more  to  do  with  honestly looking  out  for  #1. Really if  the  name  is  all we  have to work  out, it's time  to  get moving  on  this  proposition right  now.

It's important, especially  during  the  Christian season, that  for  most  avowed  Christian, their politics  have  little  to  do  with  their  religious  principles of  charity  and  forgiveness and  more  to do with their religious  territory.

I think we  would  just  call the  country  left  behind as "What's Left  of  America".

How  will  we  fund  this transition?  Sounds like a budget  buster - simple plan:  four  years  from  now  we  DO NOT elect  a new  president.  We  dedicate  all  the  money  that  would have been  spent  on  that  Presidential  election to  working  out the legal  loops  and  twists.

Best  of  all, we could all get back to being friends  again. Those  of  us  in  love  with  this  pluralistic  peace loving experiment in  freedom of  religion, desegregation,  gender equality, LGBT  rights,
gun-control and  a  woman's  choice  over  her  own  body, who  see healthcare  as a  civil  right,
could  legalize  weed  and  get on with it.

It might  sound  complicated  but  I  think we're more  than  half way there.
Somebody's  gotta  make a  flag.
It's  going  to  be  great   for  the  Olympics.